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Club Person of the Year

Club Person of the Year Award is an acknowledgment by the Club who nominates and the Association of extraordinary efforts of all the volunteers nominated and the winners listed below. Whilst the Association recognised the winners of the clubs’ voluntary awards for decades, only since 1994 has a single winner been voted by the Management Committee and Board.

1994 Janice Hutton
1995 Jack Curnow
1996 Alan Murrow
1997 Ken Hunter
1998 Robin Baker
1999 Greta & John Holland
2000 R Gammie & C Yendal
2001 Tom Newhouse
2002 Fred Seagar
2003 Vince Wyatt
2004 L Mantzos & C Philipp
2005 L Leslie & W Filipogyk
2006 Bob Neville
2007 Elsbeth Alexander
2008 Penny Mitchell
2009 David Apps
2010 Robert Di Giglio
2011 Peter Bacha
2012 Petar Aois & Kay Lewin
2013 Kevin Robinson
2014 Jimmy Moreland
2015 Yvonne Bacha
2016 Joe Moses
2017 Eamonn Donohoe
2018 Scott Chin