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Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association, Inc.

ABN 87 722 086 347
Postal address PO Box 454
Granville NSW 2142
Office address Melita Stadium
Everley Road
Chester Hill NSW 2162…the Western end (off Ferndell Street) and sometimes also referred to as Sefton or Chester Hill in some street directories and satellite navigation systems.
Email office@granvillesoccer.com.au
Phone 9738 7222
Fax 9738 7320
Office hours 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday
After hours 0411 159 628



Hon Laurie Ferguson MP


Life Members

Mrs N Packer* Mr Jack Newhouse* Mr G Faulder* Mr H Berle
Mr T Geany Mr S Fuller* Mr L Walker* Mr C Hodder
Mr L Coxshall Mr W Stout Mr W Kennedy Mr R Galvin
Mr R Lockrey Mr M Haines Mr P Reardon Mr John Woods
Mrs Mary Fox Mrs Alice O’Connor Mr Michael Briggs (2002) Mr Ken Bray
Mr Steven Crowe (2010)


Board of Directors (2011 onwards)

 Season  Elected Directors  Chairman  Executive Director  Filled Casual Vacancy  Appointed Directors

(2010 AGM)

One Year Terms
Elsbeth Alexander
Howard Groom
Dee Jonsson
Popppy KotsiopoulosTwo Year Terms
Graeme Carrett
Lou Mantzos
Scott Quarmby (*)
Howard Groom Howard Groom (*)
Mark Pigram (*)
Mark Pigram (*) Nil

(2011 AGM)

Continuing Terms
Graeme Carrett
Lou Mantzos (*)
Mark Pigram (*New Two-Year Term
Dee Jonsson (*)
Lou Mantzos (*)
Poppy Kotsiopoulos (*)
Mark Pigram (*)
Graeme Carrett (*)
Steven Crowe (*)
Poppy Kotsiopoulos
Craig Pullen
Howard Groom (*)

(2012 AGM)

Continuing Term
Dee JonssonNew Two-Year Terms
Graeme Carrett
Poppy Kotsiopoulos
Darryl Verity (*)
Poppy Kotsiopoulos Graeme Carrett Nil Matt Kennerson (*)
…from 5 September 2013

(2013 AGM)

Continuing Terms
Graeme Carrett
Poppy KotsiopoulosNew Two-Year Terms
Brendan Byrne
Dee Jonsson
Poppy Kotsiopoulos Graeme Carrett Nil Matt Kennerson (*)
…to 4 September 2014

(2014 AGM)

Continuing Terms
TBANew Two-Year Terms
2016 Dee Jonsson
Graeme Carrett
John Kemp
Kevin Haines
Vince Scarcella
Seb Tas Poppy Kotsiopoulos
2018 Graeme Carrett
John Kemp
Noel Dona
Steve Elriche
Mary Ghamraoui
Seb Tas  Mike Quarmby
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