Borrowing Players

Borrowing Players

Is there a simple way of checking borrowing eligibility?

Yes… graphical summaries of who can be borrowed are available for the MIXED COMPETITION and the GIRLS’/LADIES’ COMPETITION.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can be borrowed?

Yes. A player may be borrowed without consequence three (3) times. Regardless of which team(s) borrow the player, if he/she is borrowed four (4) times in the season, he/she must be regraded into another team.

Is there a time limit for borrowing players?

Yes. No player may be borrowed for any match played after June 30th, even if the match was originally due to be played on or before June 30th.

How many players can I borrow in a match?

A maximum of two (2) players may be borrowed by a given team for a given match.  The team(s) from which they have been borrowed must be shown on the team sheet.

How many years up can I be borrowed?

A player may only be borrowed by a team no more than 2 years older than the player.  For example, a player turning 11 during the year but registered in the 12s can only be borrowed by the 13s.

Note that this applies equally to players in the ‘Mixed’ and ‘Ladies’ competitions.

What division can I borrow a player from?

A player may only be borrowed by a team of equal or higher division (i.e. division 1 players can only be borrowed by division 1 teams, division 2 players can only be borrowed by division 1 or 2 teams, etc), as long as the teams are not from the same age group.

Can I borrow from a team in the same division?

No …players may not be borrowed by teams in the same division. For example, a club’s 10/1 BLK player may not be borrowed by that club’s 10/1 WHT team.

Can Senior/AAL teams borrow from 'Under age' teams?

Yes, as long as the borrowed player has already turned 16 and is from an equal or lower division.

Can Senior/AAL teams borrow Over 35 players?

Yes, the Over 35 competition is deemed to be the lowest divisions of the Senior competition.

Therefore, any Over 35 player may be borrowed by any Senior team, regardless of the applicable divisions.

Can Senior/AAL teams borrow Over 45 players?

No, Over 45 players may not be borrowed by teams from any other competition.

If multiple divisions exist within the Over 45 competition, they may be borrowed as long as the player is being borrowed by a higher division.