How do I register?

All registrations for players, coaches/managers & volunteers are now conducted on line via

Please click here for self help template

How is my age group determined?

For those age groups preceded by the word “under”, your age is determined as your actual age in the current calendar year of registration. For example, if you turn 10 during the calendar year (1st January through 31st December), you are an “Under 10”.

For Over 35s/45s, the opposite applies…you can only register (and play) on or after your 35th/45th birthday.

Players are permitted to player 2 years above their age upto U16’s.

All Age competitions are “open” to players of all ages once they have turned 16, subject to the GDSFA Bylaws.

How much does registration cost?

Each clubs sets its own fees. The cost will differ for each age group and may differ from Club to Club. Costs also increase for working players. If cost is an issue for you, check out a few clubs and see what each have to offer.

What do I do after I register?

It is important to keep in touch with your club. Pre-season training may start without you, as may the actual season. Its your responsibility.