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Send-offs & Suspensions

I have been sent from the field of play - what happens?

Your Club Secretary or Competition Secretary is required to forward your ID card to the Association, so your team Coach or Manager needs to get it to him/her promptly.  This is normally done as part of the housekeeping that your Coach or Manager performs with feedback to your Club.

In all but exceptional circumstances (eg, wrong identity), you will automatically serve at least a one (1) match suspension.  You may choose to:

  • accept the ‘Automatic’ suspension associated with the particular offence or
  • appear before the Judiciary panel to present your argument (this will occur at the Judiciary panel sitting in the second week after the ‘send-off’, as you must serve at least one week suspension).  Your ID card must be available at the hearing or it will cease and you must return the following week (and you remain under suspension until then).

You may also be directly requested to attend a Judiciary hearing as a result of

  1. the Judiciary panel’s concern about a particular incident (whether before, during or after a match) or
  2. an ‘Incident Report’ submitted by a Match Official’.

How many yellow cards do I need to get to attract a suspension?

An automatic suspension of one (1) match must be served for the matches following the fifth caution. If a further three (3) cautions are received in the same season, a two (2) match suspension is invoked.

Does the yellow card count restart when the finals commence?

No …the yellow card count applies to a complete season.

What is a mandatory penalty?

The GDSFA Inc has a Mandatory Penalty System for players dismissed from the field of play (sent off). The penalties are agreed upon by all clubs at the start of each season and reflect the minimum penalty for offences and indicates to players the range of penalties depending on the severity of the offence.

FIFA, our governing body, states that any person who is dismissed will automatically be suspened for his/her next competition match. Some mandatory minimum sentences are one (1) competition match.

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