Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

2018 Season is coming

2017 season has now finished and plans are now underway for the 2018 season.

At our clubs workshop recently held to plan our strategies for next year, the following competitions are now in the final planning phases.

  • Premier League competition

We thanked Bankstown Association for our 2 Associations competing in the Platinum League 2 last season. The competition was very strong and we were very proud our clubs competed so well, in fact Auburn District were the Premiers.

In continuing with our strategic plan in revitalising our senior competitions, 2018 will see our Premier League be Granville clubs only and with 1 team being eligible, not the usual firsts and reserves.. We are sourcing sponsorship and there WILL be prizemoney for the winners and runners up.

It is our plan that, working with our clubs we will see the likes of Wenty Waratahs, Pendle Hill, Toongabbie, Dundas and others coming back, re-vitalising this competition and building it for the future for the youngsters coming through.

  • Cottam Cup

Leveraging off a strong 2017 knock-out competition in which competing teams from a number of Associations took part and a grand final attended by more than a 1000 spectators, over the next few weeks we will be working with FNSW to deliver an even stronger cup for next season…..stay tuned

  • Mid – week 13/1 and 14/1 knock-out competition

It is our plan to deliver a youth knock-out competition, whose teams will come from a number of Associations. This initiative is to strengthen the competitions that the division 1 teams can experience as well as compete in more games.

  • Joint competition with Blacktown

Most would agree that this initiative by our 2 Associations was a great success last year. We will be meeting with Blacktown soon to properly de-brief and ensure we continue to deliver a great playing experience for our girls from both Associations.

  • Participation / Active Kids Program

In partnership with FNSW and State government, all players in 2018 from 4 ½ up to 18yo (who attend school up to Year 12) will be eligible to receive a $100 discount voucher off their Registration when they sign up through MyFootballClub. We thank everybody involved in this great initiative and hopefully this will result in increasing participation within the Association.

More information will be coming in the next few weeks

  • Facilities and grants

March 2018 begins our first major networking opportunities to help support a facilities and grants program for our clubs. Football NSW will be the first hosts, organising politicians from all government entities, bringing them together at Melita Stadium.

Leading up to this great forum, FNSW and Granville will be gathering data by way of an app our clubs can easily compile, that will allow us to build  professional applications to help you improve your facilities. It is not just a project that may have sat idle in a closet, there will be money available to act on our efforts.

  • Disciplinary

Whilst we only had 7 GPT’s last season, general behaviour at grounds is something every Association wants to make better.

We have a number of strategies that your Board will be working on over the next 2 months in order to improve your “Game day experience” I want to be able to go to any game and know that poor behaviour will not be tolerated. This is something that our clubs will be asked to take very seriously as we want our Association to be known in the future as a leader in this field.

To all the players, have a great break if you can and see you soon.