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Break out the dictionary because there aren’t enough superlatives to describe what 1,000 drum banging boisterous fans witnessed tonight at Melita Stadium! It was an epic for the ages and a classic to befit the 112 years of Cottam Cup history! Holroyd Rangers Soccer Club have been crowned Cottam Cup CHAMPIONS for 2019 in a thriller against defending champions Inter Lions FC.  After 120 minutes and 6 goals including a Lions comeback and equalizer in the final seconds with 10 men, it took a penalty shoot-out to separate the teams. Hollywood could not have written a better script. IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!  Being streamed live,  the viewing audience hit record numbers as villages in the mountains of Peru, clans in Afghanistan and families in Africa, all tuned in to watch their sons, grandsons and cousins play for Holroyd!  The celebrations were wild with joy and raw emotion and every goal was an explosion of jubilation from both sides, a true testament to how much the Cup meant to these teams…but the best was left for last when players and families poured onto the field to celebrate a heart-stopping victory when Holroyd’s final penalty shot bulged the net. The Rangers have brought back Johnny to Granville and cemented their name into our proud history! Congratulations to both teams. The Lions are a class act, who never gave up the fight, a credit to themselves but tonight Holroyd would not be denied and had their measure…only just.

The live stream can be viewed here: