Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated


To all Club Secretaries,

Happy New Year and we look forward to bringing you the best possible competitions and service for season 2017.

I thought I would start my first message of the year with an insight into some topics and issues your Association deals with.  Whilst it is not a normal process to publicly divulge information to and from the Board, I thought we would give you an insight into the organisations daily functions and discussions.

The Board you have chosen is certainly focussed on re-building your Association and will be in the hot seat on occasion, hopefully for only this year.

It is important however to remind you that we will do our best and be available to service and support you at the coalface.

We have pencilled in March 1, as our first general meeting following team nomination closure on February, 28 as we will then be in a better position to advise about competitions. I understand this will be an important topic for your members and whilst the meeting is March 1, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime leading up to this date as we will be monitoring registrations and planning competitions, the latter we started in December and presented to the Board as a draft.

I do intend to put a likely scenario/draft to you within 2 weeks. We are just finalising cross-over competitions, which when complete need to be sent to our Board for approval.

Again, Happy New Year with some light reading of work currently being undertaken by your Association below.

Dear Board Members

Firstly, Happy New Year. This will be a tough year and no doubt many criticisms whether their justified or not when it comes to competitions. As you know we have taken a big hit in player numbers which we know and can plan for. What we don’t know right now is the spillage of players that may go to Hills from other current clubs which will affect the make-up of competitions for this year. So do expect some criticisms, we will however remain positive and communicate effectively to minimise the fall-out.

We are now in a re-building phase and it WONT be until next year before there will be a lot of confidence in the Association. Our strategic plan spells that out as well so please when clubs are complaining to you, advise whilst a lot of this is out of our control we have a plan to bring our Association back to being strong again and we ask for loyalty and patience. I understand they are at the coalface and will get the brunt of people’s frustration.

That being said, the following is some topics I would just like to bring to your attention

  1. Calendar of meetings

Please see attached DRAFT calendar of meetings for this year. There was some talk about Board meetings being on a Wednesday but no resolution. Is Monday still the best night?.

  1. FNSW financial support request

Further to Anter presenting at our last Board meeting advising of their support, I am following up their CEO on how this is progressing.

  1. Activation/promotion/recruitment of players

As you are aware we are liaising with Parramatta Council in line with our request for an activation area around Australia day in Parramatta to help boost the profile of Granville and recruitment drives. I will keep you advised of this process. I have kept FNSW and WSW in the loop.

  1. Cottam Cup

Whenever your starting from scratch to re-implement and develop a Cup, interest in it will not be great until it has runs on the Board. It was disappointing to get a knock back from Granville RSL/Diggers on sponsorship which Noel has been working on. This would have been a great fit. We will keep looking but it won’t stop what we have planned. We have earmarked this Thursday for the promotion of this Cup.  Stay tuned

  1. Presidents Cup

I have spoken to Vince Scarcella over the weekend and as his role as Ladies development Officer he has authorised the presidents cup to be bought back into our calendar for this year. This will be run in March and an announcement will be next week.

  1. Parramatta FC

After speaking with Poppy we will be supporting initiatives of Poppy to increase revenues to help Parramatta FC sustainability. From securing small sponsorships, to fund raising which may include raffles to events

  1. Melita Stadium

When Graham Wright (Cumberland Council) returns from leave we will be meeting to discuss a new lease of Melita Stadium as the overall management is being transferred from Parramatta Council to Cumberland. This will also give us a chance to amend some of the wording which ties our hands on decision making. I will articulate this statement in further detail in a few weeks.

In the meantime we will be doing some overdue repairs and maintenance in line with budget (our compensation request approval revolves around this) but we are fixing up the dressing rooms a bit and they will get a fresh coat of paint in the next few days. I will speak to Poppy to coordinate convenient schedules.

We have not heard anything back from Cumberland Council, re our application for a synthetic pitch. I have spoken to Steve Elriche who has fantastic contacts and relationships within Council to follow up on our behalf.

  1. GPT’s, appeals and general disciplinary

We have publicly sent expressions of interest for these panels and they close later this month. Our policy is also being amended and will be presented at the next Board meeting for discussion, for any amendments and approval. This will then be circulated to clubs and presented at the next clubs meeting.

FYI, we will be risk assessing games this year and will have Granville officials as required at games as part of our message that we are supporting our clubs in their effort to also provide game day satisfaction. You may recall, Game day experience was a request from clubs.

  1. Referees

I had a call from their President on the weekend. I will coordinate with John but we will meet to go over the operations of this season, responsibilities and look to have a representative of both our organisations sit on each others Board. Note, not as a voting member, more as a guest for communication purposes. I will write this in to the affiliation agreement.

  1. Re-Branding/Social Media

FYI. We will be putting more effort into our social media platforms this year. We should discuss at the next Board meeting whether we should look to re-brand our Association and if so at what level. We are producing a couple of new Magpies for your consideration as you have requested. This will be presented at the next Board meeting.

  1. Grants

            We have put in for 2 grants last month.

  • A defibulator for all clubs that don’t have one already, This grant values at $55,000
  • An industrial outdoor vacuum valued at $5,000
  • We are assessing available grants in January in which to apply for.
  • We will discuss what support the clubs may require from Granville at the next clubs meeting.

I will finish here, everything else will be detailed in my report for the next Board meeting.


Mike Quarmby