Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Message to Clubs

  1. Clubs Planning Workshop for 2019

The Clubs planning workshop for 2019 has been set for Melita Stadium, 7 pm Monday 22 October 2018. The key performance areas for the workshop include but not limited to;

  1. Review strategic plan
  2. Review competitions for season 2018, male and female and discuss and apply any suggested amendment to the framework for season 2019.
  3. Initiatives to vitalise, the depth, strength, and promotion of competitions
  4. Develop participation strategies for season 2019
  5. Amendments to By-Laws
  6. Grants for 2019 and beyond to include facilities audit

Could you please provide and suggested agenda items to the planning workshop and your RSVP by Monday 8 October 2018. (2 people per club) A light dinner will be provided.

  1. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10 am at Melita Stadium. All required information will be forwarded in due course.