Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Message to Clubs (29 March 2017)

  1. My Game Guru ready to go

Please be advised that My Game Guru is now online. Further to our presentation at the last clubs meeting, we are now rolling out the free APP.

Please put this on your website and communicate to all your members.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have queries

  1. GDSFA Round 1 Update Message

Cumberland Council has closed home grounds this weekend for the following clubs.

Auburn District
Auburn FC
Granville Kewpies Ariana
Guildford County
Guildford McCredie Uniting Soccer Club
Lidcombe Churches
Lidcombe Waratahs
Regents Park Football Club
Sydney Dragons Football Club

All other clubs we will find out tomorrow.


  1. Blacktown and Granville joint female competition

Blacktown Association has advised that their grounds are closed for the weekend. In that regard the whole female round will be re-scheduled to June 12