Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Message to Clubs (3 May 2017)

Message to Clubs from the CEO

3 May, 2017


Now we are a couple of rounds into the season we are analysing and where possible fixing issues that are being bought to our attention. These include the following

  • Referee coverage and appointments
  • We have completed 3 weekends now. Whilst we are advised the percentage coverage was very high, there were a number of games not covered due to referees on the day not turning up, plus in- experienced referees for some games.

FYI, we are going through the referees appointment schedules for this week to identify the following and will work with the Granville referees accordingly.

  1. Games not covered this weekend
  2. Games we deem as must be covered
  3. Look at teams that have had little to no referees.
  • In order to ensure we do our best as administrators in providing available referees to our games, I welcome your feedback each week. Please email me to bring to my attention suggestions and issues you have.


Whilst there has only been 4 incidents of unruly behaviour bought to our attention at this time, I remind you to communicate to your coaches, managers etc, that Granville is very serious in building a great game day experience and we will not tolerate bad behaviour.

  • FYI, an incident at a game between Ermington and Guildford County has been set down to be heard this Thursday night.


  • The next club’s meeting has been set down for Monday 15 May, 2017. A notice will follow in due course.

Mike Quarmby