Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated


Dear Clubs

The season is fast becoming upon us. This inclement weather I am sure has not helped you prepare as well as you have liked to.

The draw for the season is almost complete and should be with you and the public today. We have done the best with the information you have provided to us, but will work with you if you have relevant issues.

We have been working closely with the referees over the past month to ensure we get the best possible coverage to games and will as part of our operations work closely with their organisation to appoint the right people to the right games. For the rules of the game, each year there are changes, amendments and new laws to be briefed about. In this regard a compulsory meeting of clubs is required and has been convened for:


Name                    Referees information session on the laws of the game
Venue                   Melita Stadium
Date                      Monday, March 27, 2017
Time                     7:00pm
Attendees            At least 1 senior coach from your club
RSVP                   Wednesday 22 March, 2017