Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Message to Clubs

Round 1 beginning this weekend brings with us some new rules and processes to be aware of. To keep this simple the following summarises what needs to be put in practice:

  1. Electronic team sheets (EMS)

All EMS for fixtures for the weekend are already available to be viewed in iCompman, so we strongly recommend that:

  • clubs ensure that all player photos are uploaded to icompman by 9am Friday 6th April – use the Photo thumbnails report to see who needs a photo
  • clubs assign someone who is trained up in EMS to patrol their home ground fixtures to help teams who may be having difficulties using EMS
  • all team managers login to the iCompman system using their club supplied credentials before their game, ideally the night before, to familiarize themselves with the system. They can do this right now if they want, all round 1 fixture team sheets are already available in iCompman.
  1. Yellow card sin bin offence

At the request of FNSW, the Granville & District Soccer Football Association with a number of other Associations are trialling a new offense to referees for dissent. In summary if you are given a yellow card for dissent to a referee, this will also incur an additional penalty: the player is sent to a “sin bin” (a place off the field and away from reserves bench) for 5 minutes for the age groups 13s to 16s and 10 minutes for the age groups 18s to O/45. The definition of dissent according to the rules of the game is: dissent by word or action.

The referee will be in charge of keeping time with your stint in the sin bin and we encourage any officials on the bench to not hassle or disrupt the referee with times you may be keeping yourselves.

Until further notice this rule will only be enforced by Official referees. FYI, we are tracking an 80% coverage of games by official referees so far for this weekend.

  1. My Game Guru

Fixtures are now available in My Game Guru – if you are having trouble finding a particular team, there is a help post on the association’s FB page that should help you find your team. However, if your team has a bye this weekend, your team won’t come up. This problem only exists because only round 1 fixtures have currently been loaded.

Don’t forget to remind everybody to download My Game Guru to ensure everyone is kept up to date with competition information

Have a great weekend!
Mike Quarmby