Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

MyFootballClub and Active Kids Program


Pre-Program Launch

  • An “Add-On” item will be available in the system to be selected by the players registering PRIOR to January 31.

This will be referred to as a “Deferred Payment” of -$100

  • Club Sets Up Registration Packages as Normal
  • Club Sets Up Additional Question and assigns it to players:

Log back into your account to enter your Active Kids Voucher Code here after applying via the Service NSW Website. This is ONLY applicable to players registered prior to January 31

  • Players can, at the discretion of their club, register prior to January 31, 2018
  • Players eligible and wanting to use their discount in Football, should select the -$100 Deferred Payment Add-On to reduce their registration
  • Payments for registration minus the $100 can continue to be taken as normal, either online or offline.

Clubs should not make players active until post program launch/confirmation of a valid Voucher Code from the Government

  • Players apply for Voucher Code via Service NSW Website from January 31
  • Players provide Voucher Code to Club (log back into MFC profile and click on “Edit” for questions and populates the text field with their number.
  • Club Checks validity or voucher code and is either granted the $100 from Service NSW into their bank account OR where the code is not valid;
  • Club follows up additional $100 Payment from Parent

Post-Program Launch

  • Players apply for Voucher Code via Service NSW Website
  • Player Registers via MyFootballClub
  • At Invoice Screen there will be messaging for parents to enter their Voucher Code
  • The system will automatically check the validity of that code and where approved, the invoice will automatically update to be less $100
  • The Club will be granted the $100 from Service NSW into their bank account for each eligible code entered by players registering to their Club.


Access to a club’s administration is annual and given individually. There are no restrictions on how many people can have access however it is extremely important that you do not share your login credentials.

To request access for the 2018 season, follow this link: Your Association will then be able to grant you access.



As discussed in the session, ALL Coaches and Team Managers should be registered in MyFootballClub for the 2018 Season. As with Player Registrations Clubs are encouraged to set up the registration packages to enable Non-Playing roles to self-register.

Clubs are also encouraged to register all other volunteers at the club level, including but not limited to Committee Members, Canteen Staff and Ground Staff etc. This provides those members the opportunity to view and understand the Terms and Conditions that they are bound by with regards to their involvement at your Club and as a member of our Football Community.

To collect the WWC numbers at the time of registration, set up additional questions and assign the “Group” to the Role Types Coach and Volunteer. You will then be able to report on the registered members and see their answers in live time.



You can set up your registration packages in the same manner that you have in previous years. The Active Kids Voucher Program implementation does not require you to change this process.

When setting up your fees packages please include/attach one each of the applicable FFA, FNSW and SSFA Fees. This is important in ensuring that your Club and Association is invoiced the correct amount.

As discussed, we have created a Fee Package Cheat Sheet to assist with the setup of your fees, namely with the amount that you need to enter in the “Price” field. Simply enter the FULL amount you change to the players in the relevant line on the spreadsheet and the Green cells will update with the amount you need to enter in the Price field.



Please refer to the Online Payments Flyer in the DropBox folder for information on Online Payments, including the steps to get set up for 2018.

In short, for clubs that used Online Payments in 2017, you do not need to do anything to continue using online payments.


As discussed at the meeting, there is a process guide for the setup of the system and the management of registrations. This has been added to the DropBox folder. This guide takes you through the steps required in MyFootballClub to update your Club contact information, set up your registration packages, T&C’s and Questions and manage the registrations as they come through.



There are two Self Registration Templates available for you to customise. One is Basic Step by Step instructions whereas the other is much more detailed. They are both in the DropBox Folder. Please pay careful attention to all areas with Red text as these areas need to be updated/amended/removed depending upon your club requirements/set-up.



Registrations can commence on the Wednesday 3rd January 2018. From this point onwards, FFA will have their Support Staff in place, as will Football NSW.


There is a wide range of support available to clubs to help in the use of MyFootballClub; you can head over to to check out their support guides, alternatively you can contact Football NSW directly for any other required documentation.


NSW Clubs are encouraged to contact Football NSW directly for support on the details below:

Online Services Manager (02) 8814 4449  (business hours, email monitored after hours and weekends)

Online Services Coordinator (02) 8814 4448  (business hours – 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

Education Services Coordinator (02) 8814 4447  (business hours – 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

We look forward to working with you all in 2018.