Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Outcomes of Club’s Workshop

Click here for the presentation and questionnaire.

GDSFA recently held a Club’s workshop which was to review 2018 and plan for 2019 on behalf of the Board, we thank all for attending. At this time I have summarise below some of the outcomes in respect to plans for season the 2019.

1.21s Competition

The GDSFA is looking to run a 21s competition next season. There was some talk around running this competition as a standalone or linking to our Premier League competition in which there could be a variety options around the latter. The purpose of this email is to seek you expression for a. the competition itself, b. which model you suggest and c. rules around both the suggestions.

Could you please provide your thoughts and input by Wednesday November 14, 2018.


We have already 5 clubs that have expressed interest to partake in our Football4all initiative for season 2019. If you would like further information please email the office.

3.Play Football ages 3-9

As part of our participation strategies, and as what was presented by FNSW, if you are interested in supporting this program please indicate this through our office and I will coordinate a meeting to plan, develop and implement this program that will definitely help boost your club numbers for the future.

4.Schools program partnership with Western Sydney Wanderers

As discussed at the workshop, I have met with WSW and they are keen to partner our Association in respect to a joint schools program for 2019. This is another initiative your Association is bringing to the clubs to help participation. If you would like to be a partner in this schools program for next season, please email the office, identifying potential primary and secondary schools in your area.

It will be by way of first in first serve, so I suggest you get on board ASAP. From there we will meet altogether with WSW and plan the program as well of how it will best serve your club in bringing new players and boosting your numbers.

5.Junior/youth knock out competitions 2019

Our competition Manager Rosanna presented a new knock-out competition structure for season 2019 which involves ages 12 – 16

In summary the format is:

  • GDSFA only
  • 12 -16 age groups.
  • All teams are eligible accept teams nominating to play State Cup
  • Example each age group and divisions within that age group will be drawn to play against each other
  • The cup will go for approx. 5 Sundays, scheduled to commence 2 weeks after round 1.                                                                                                                                                              6.Joint Female Competition

As advised the joint committee is meeting November 10. At this meeting, further to what topics you bought up in the workshop, we will be discussing a cup format for the girls for 2019. Whether this be pre-season on or within the competition season.

7.Competitions Questionnaire 

In order to bring to you best practice competitions as we can provide, please see attached questionnaire for your input. It can remain anonomys or please put your club name. Could you please provide this by November 14, 2018.


Mike Quarmby