Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Parramatta Activation Area A Success

Yesterday, Granville & District Soccer Football Association and clubs representing Holroyd Rangers, Granville Waratahs, Granville Kewpies and Dundas United distributed approx. 1,000 flyers to passer-by’s.

West Sydney Wanderers players Terry Antonis and Mario Shabow were on hand to sign autographs and FNSW bought along their penalty shootout and foot tennis activities.

We hope this initiative will turn into new players for Granville, but we were here also to promote our partnership with the WSW and FNSW for the betterment of the game. Quoted Mike Quarmby CEO Granville Soccer

On behalf of the Board and Mgt, thank you very much to all of you that come down to help. We certainly appreciate your time and support.

Also thank you to Parramatta Council’s Albert for his support and facilitation

Thank you John, Graeme and Vanessa for the help you provided.