Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Receive Real Time Match Notifications with My Game Guru

Wet weather, game changes, time changes and other notifications, now receive to your phone in real time

At the last clubs meeting a demonstration of the APP by My Game Guru was presented. The APP is the new and improved communication platform the Association is providing for members and the general public to receive information from the Association.

Once you have downloaded this FREE APP, (click on below), you will receive all notifications from Granville Association that affects games this season, in real time.

    App Download

One exciting feature of this APP, is that you can customise it to show your particular team within a club so you can receive direct notifications that may affect you. There are many other features, so once you have downloaded the APP, please click on the link below to learn how to customise your team and learn more of the features of this APP.

How to with The Guru

There is a support email service in the app which can be found on the information page using the “i” icon on the top right position of each app page screen. It is recommended that all app related queries go through this support service.

Special note:     Whilst this will be our direct communication services for game notification changes, our website and face book will still be updated with messages.

This APP is only for competitions that the Granville Association specifically run. Our joint competitions with Blacktown and Bankstown is by way of normal communications. (that is, an email to your club and an update on our website)