Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Incorporated

Time For Action

Dear Clubs

Our sport is in the media spotlight again through recent indiscretion’s that have gone public from within the St George Football Association, see reports by 2GB on their website for more information.

Thus far our season has had little by way of serious incidents, a clear sign that our communities are appreciating our adherence to our ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Notwithstanding we aim to be better and must be diligent to minimise any unsportsmanlike behaviour. Consequently, we ask all member clubs to take serious note of the following reminders and new procedures in respect to Coach/Managers IDs.

1. Registrations of coaches and Managers

All coaches and Managers have to be registered with the club/Association. Failure to be registered and they cannot be in the Technical Area. They must also have an authorised ID Photo from ICompman. The club can easily print this out for the official through the photo thumbnails report.

At the commencement of the game, if the referee or assistant asks the coach/manager to leave the technical area as they have no identification and the person refuses to leave, and in the opinion of the referee that to enforce their decision may escalate tension for the referee, he or she  is to just continue to officiate the game so as to not put themselves in an unsafe situation. Rather, report the incident to the Association and it will be dealt with seriously. This procedure is added to the current procedures at the discretion of the referee.

2. Team Officials & Club Officials

Every game must have a jacketed Team Official from each team. This person selected must have the skill set to settle down situations within their team and/or spectators. Serious issues, they are not to get involved with if there is any chance of injury to them. They are to contact their club official who is to report it to the Competitions Manager of Granville.

Serious issues where violence occurs, the home club must call the police.

We strongly recommend that all clubs return to the practice of having a home club Ground Official wearing a fluorescent Orange vest to monitor activities throughout the day.

3. Un-sportsmanlike behaviour

We ask the clubs to suitably remind their teams that un-sportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and referees do the best they can as well as players. RESPECT REFEREES. We will not tolerate threats, abuse and intimidation to an official of the referees and penalties will be harsh as has been the case already this season. We remind you that (verbally) abusing a child referee (under 18’s) is a criminal offence.

4. Un-registered players

Playing un-registered players – There is no real penalty to the player as he/she is not even registered so it makes it hard to place penalties that can be enforced throughout NSW, HOWEVER this is a serious breach and we must put everyone on notice that if any more of these occurrences come to our attention, there will be serious penalties for the team(s) which include being stripped of competition points.

5. Electronic Match Sheets (EMS)

Coaches/Managers MUST check the opponents Electronic Match Sheet (EMS) before the start of the game. Any irregularities found must be reported to the Association. All EMS team sheets will be locked 15 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time. For any special circumstances, team sheets can be un-locked by the opposition.

6. Forfeited games

Clubs will be sent a report on teams within their club that have forfeited games this season. Please ensure this is addressed with the team management as it is not good for the teams they were supposed to play and also the competition. We remind you that forfeits incur penalty fines.

Mike Quarmby